ThermaSauna 6XL is made for up to 8 persons. There is a resting area and sauna area separated by the wall and glass door. There are 2 full size bunks inside the sauna, 1 entrance glass door and 2 windows. Due to powerful Harvia M3 wood fired heater sauna warms up in an hour, so you can enjoy bathing more often as it can be organized spontaneously in an hour.
Sauna does not require heavy fundament. It can be placed almost anywhere temporary, but for a permanent installation we recommend to put it on terrace, paving, stone chips or at least few bricks under corners. 

  • Sauna and resting area walls and ceiling are made of raw and solid 42 mm spruce wood, held together with tongue & groove joint and long screws.  Construction is strong and very stable, which makes it safe to lift the whole sauna (i.e. for transportation, to change location in your garden, to sell it in future etc). We deliver our saunas fully assembled, but our team can come and build it at your garden.
  • Floor is made from 27 mm terrace boards, mounted with little gaps for ventilation. An adjustable ventilation grid is installed in the highest point of the wall.
  • Roof is covered with coated steel tin (colour Grey RAL 7024 matt) . Steel roofs are long lasting and carefree. 
  • Standard sauna is made with toughened and tinted glass door for entrance (to sauna and resting area) and 2 windows (1 in sauna and 1 in resting area). Entrance door made of 6 mm tempered and tinted glass. Windows from 6mm tempered and tinted glass. 
  • It is possible to change the entrance door to traditional wooden door for additional €150 or wooden door with window +€200. 
  • It is also possible to change standard sauna door to panoramic sliding (2 parts or 3 parts) aluminium doors with alu framed windows made from 5 mm tempered glass for €350 - €450.
  • Additional windows can be added. 30x94 cm +€50, 60x94 cm +€100, 60x148 cm +€100, 120x148 cm +€200, 60x175 cm +€200, 120x175 +€200.
  • 2 aspen wood benches 187 x 58 cm. Up to 2 persons can lay down on benches, or up to 8 persons can sit. Benches are placed in different height for better comfort adjusting to hot temperature when in use (heat goes upwards).
  • Sauna is heated with Harvia M3 13 kW wood fired heater. Electric Harvia Trendi KIP 90 9 kW heater is optional (cheaper by €150). The heater is placed on a special metal protective tray (10 cm height). The walls near the stove are protected by Cembrit board. The chimney output port is insulated with a special heat-resistant wool, Cembrit board inside and stainless steel sheet outside.
  • Electric installation is made with heat and moist resistant wires and waterproof switch, and special Harvia Light sauna lamp.
  • Standard sauna is not painted. Exterior painting is available. Price varies according to the colour (€150 - €250).


Send us your requirements, we will help you to create your unique sauna.

Capacity: 2-8 persons.
Internal dimensions: 591x192
Sauna room dimensions: 187x192 cm
Changing room dimensions: 399,5x192 cm
Internal height: 220/207 cm
External dimensions: 599x200 cm 
External height: 245/230 cm
Weight: 1800 kg

ThermaSauna 6XL

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  • Delivery Information

    Delivery Information

    Delivery time 10-15 business days. Delivery available in the following countries:


    • Belgium FREE delivery
    • Denmark €100 for delivery
    • Estonia FREE delivery
    • Finland* FREE delivery
    • Germany FREE delivery
    • Latvia FREE delivery
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    • United Kingdom €250


    *Delivery price is within 500 km from Helsinki. For remote areas (>500 km from Helsinki), €0,9/km.

    **Delivery price is within 300 km from Oslo. For remote areas (>300 km from Oslo), €0,9/km.

    ***Delivery price is within 500 km from Stockholm. For remote areas (>500 km from Stockholm), €0,9/km.

  • Warranty

    Seller provides a manufacturing warranty for production for 12 months after delivery. Seller does not provide warranty for wooden components. Heaters carry warranties from their respective manufacturers. Note! The commercial use of sauna has a 3 months warranty. 

    • The Warranty does not cover any errors that are typical for material, and does not concern wear due to normal use. 
    • The Warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse. Please read the User manual and Warranty properly and follow it. 
    • The Warranty does not cover corrosion or damage due to use of seawater or aggressive chemicals. 
    • The Warranty is not applied if you try to repair the product yourself.

    Contact the Seller about Warranty matters. Usually Seller replace false components within 30 days after proper announcement. False components must be provided to dealer in case of replacement. Buyer shall pay cost of transportation. Delivery of broken components cannot cost more than Buyer has paid for de-livery of whole sauna.